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With our 100 plus years of experience we know the difference between good and bad wallstones. Here at Hobart Stone Dealers we have a large variety of wallstones ranging from the rustic to the refined. All are palletized and pallet weights are approximately 3000 pounds for easy handling. All pallets are wrapped with either chicken wire or shrink wrapped to make for a safe transport. We are sure we have a wallstone to meet your needs.


Fieldstone is the same stone used by 19th century farmers to make stone fences around their fields. Exposed for hundreds of years, this stone takes on a natural, rustic look, giving an old world feel to your stone wall. Fieldstone comes in three sizes: thin (1"-3" thick), regular (2"-4" thick) and heavy (4"-6" thick). Coverage is 18 sq. ft. per ton and custom blends are available.

Creek Flats

Creek Flats are a stone that has been picked out of streams in the Southern Tier of New York. They generally run 2"-4" thick and are relatively flat for easy stacking. The edges are naturally water worn, leaving them smooth and well rounded. This product is also perfectly suited for man-made water features. Coverage is 18 sqft/ton.


Lenroc is beautiful ashlar wallstone created by running quarried slabs through a granite machine. These random pieces are rectangular in shape with a thickness ranging from 1 1/2" to 8". Lengths run from 8" to 24". Although some pieces can be quite heavy, the beauty of the finished product is worth the work. Coverage is 12 to 14 sqft/ton.

Machine Cut Ashlar

Machine cut ashlar wallstone is a new product we are very excited to offer. Every piece of this wall stone is sawed to thickness in modular sizes to make setting a snap. Thicknesses are 1 1/2"-4" and width of 8"-14" are available based on customer specifications. This product is ideal for large commercial work. Coverage is 16 sqft/ton. Please contact us for more details.


Colonial wallstone is our most user friendly product. It's a quarried stone that is relatively flat, so it stacks easily to make a beautifully laid wall. Colors are full color or blue. It's available in thin (1"-3" thick), and Large (3"-6" thick). Coverage is 16 to 18 sqft/ton.


Heavy wallstone is big stuff. It is a natural bluestone, sawn in to blocks 6"-24" thick and can run from 3'-8' long. This product requires a machine to set. Bed depth is anywhere from 12" to 36" depending on wall thickness. Cover depends on depth requirements. Please contact us for additional information.